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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Ignoring the Petitioners

The first amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Unfortunately, all petitions are basically ignored, since there is no meat to any petition, unless there is a government required amount of signatures, which is then suspected of being fraudulent, until all signatures are verified. To make things worse, the petitions are used to gather the names of dissenters, become public record, and the dissenters can become harassed by the same government that is the reason for their petition. It was a good thought, but was easily subverted by the profession that's least restricted by the Constitution.

An individual can petition the government, but in reality, it's a futile effort. The supreme rights of the individual are basically gone, since individual liberty is in the same position. It's a sad thing, but what everyone now faces. Regardless of how much someone is wronged by the government, they have no recourse for an equitable solution, unless they can afford to pay for what can be a futile effort to sue in court. 

There is a moral responsibility for any government employee, whether elected of hired, to correct any wrong, make a diligent effort to keep public costs to the minimum, and understand they are subservient to those that pay their wages. Unfortunately, moral responsibility is something that can't be legislated. Government officials realize this, and over time abandon any effort to be responsible for insuring every individuals has the rights of the most powerful of government official. It's always been this way, but if integrity is demanded, and practiced, the opportunities for corruption, or incompetence, are reduced.


  1. Well said. Washington forgot that, a *long* time ago.

    1. I blame that on intention, a corrupt media, and ignorance. Some of it was planned, but I think much of it was a laziness by the general population. It's easier to just let things happen, and hope for the best.

  2. I have come to believe that ANY so called "petition" is just a data gathering technique to get names.
    It's like being on Facebook...just another information gathering tool used by the PTB.

    1. It exposes those wanting change, and turns them into targets.

  3. I remember customer service being the norm. Now, good customer service is often reason to talk to a supervisor.
    Getting someone who gets a check regardless of how they do the job to be conscientious? Yeah, good luck with that.
    The line at the tax place, trying to get license plates renewed typically just crawls. Once I got there about ten minutes before closing. Figured they would stop at five and tell us to come back.
    Nope. They stopped talking on the phones and wasting time. They started moving and the line moved fast. I don't worry about getting in there early any more.