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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

What Fate Brings

 I've been reading the multiple reports, and opinions, on the incident where Alec Baldwin accidently fired a shot from a loaded revolver on a movie set. The final result was the death of the director of photography, and an injury to the director. The response is across the board, and opinions sometime unbridled demands for retribution. 

It all boils down to what the law directs for this incident. Does the law address all the evidence? Does the evidence demand prosecution for the act? Is it the prosecutors responsibility to bring all the evidence to a grand jury? Regardless of opinion, that's what a good legal system will examine, and charges brought if necessary. 

If I had to guess how this will turn out, Baldwin, and others, will be charged with involuntary manslaughter, they will appear before a judge, they will be released after pleading guilty, and the final punishments will be very mild. In the end, the civil liabilities will be the biggest punishment.  None of these things will be nearly as severe a punishment as knowing their negligence killed someone only doing their job. A person with a conscience will spend the rest of their life wondering what they could have done differently, and agonizing over their mistake.

The circus is now in town, tort attorneys will have millions in free publicity, and the circus will last for years.


  1. Nuts to that, Jess.

    I want to see Baldwin get what Derek Chauvin got for “murdering” George Floyd: convictions for Murder 1 AND manslaughter 1. Or what Kyle Rittenhouse got when he shot three ANTIFAgs that were trying to kill him. I want the travesties and miscarriages of justice to hit the lefties for once. Let them experience clown justice for once…

  2. I think a lot of people would like to see Baldwin punished for actual crimes, unlike those punished for invented crimes by leftist prosecutors. It's not within the law to punish for what someone thinks it should be. What's written is to be followed, but too often those that need the most punishment are allowed to skate because of their position.

    1. I get that, Jess. But that means playing on the up and square with guys that cheat, lie, and steal. Without any deterrent, they’ll just keep doing it, only harder and faster. Others will join in.

      We need to have a fight with the left. It’s coming, regardless, and the longer we evade, the stronger they become.

  3. Enforcing the law?
    What a concept.

    1. If such things happened, quite a few current, and former, politicians would be serving long sentences.