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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A Plethora of Species

 I was standing on the porch, enjoying the low forties temperature, and watching the steam on the pond, when a calling red shoulder hawk caught may attention as it flew over. I glanced over to the bird feeder, and started examining the number of birds either at the feeder, on the adjacent tree, or on the power line. I was a little amazed. 

A single common grackle was in the feeder. Cardinals were waiting in the tree, along with pine buntings, and Inca doves. Blue jays soon came to chase away the grackle and feed. On the power line was a kingfisher, a starling, and a few bluebirds. Crows were out near the road, and the call of a red belly woodpecker told me it would soon be at the feeder. A few wading birds flew over, and although it wasn't there, the cormorant that feeds in the pond will probably arrive this afternoon.

We have a lot of species that gather in the yard during the colder months. It won't be real long before the cedar wax wings will arrive, along with the blue buntings. Carolina chickadees, and titmice will occasionally come to feed, along with a number of smaller brown species like wrens and sparrows. Meadowlarks come and go in the yard. In breeding season, they will make ground nests in the yard, which may yield a few fledglings that look like cotton balls on soda straws. 

Watching the birds is an enjoyment that's hard to describe. All are interesting, and have a purpose. Being where I can observe is a blessing.


  1. Replies
    1. We've had some really nice, temperate weather. This morning was the coldest for the rest of the week. The Christmas forecast is for a low of 65, sunny skies, and a high temperature of 83. I'll take it, and enjoy what some might consider a typical summer day.

    2. Funny, we just have birds around here . . . Merry Christmas!

    3. We have many more, which come and go with the seasons, or temporarily visit. Included are bald eagles, and pileated woodpeckers.

      I never paid much to birds, until after my father died. When the returned him from the cancer center, they placed a hospital bed in his den, where he could watch the birds with his book close for reference. That's where he died, laying facing the plate glass window, early on December in 1989.

    4. Oh, my . . . I can understand the significance now.