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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Quick Deluge and Temperature Change

 This morning, it was mostly cloudy, light wind, and a temperature in the upper seventies. A quick trip to the nearest big town for errands was shortened due to spotty rain, and a look at the radar. After a stop on the way home, we ran into the leading edge of the front, and were soon twenty miles below the speed limit in poor visibility. This lasted all the way home, and road ditches were overflowing. 

The wind must have been ferocious for a short period of time, when the front first arrived. Pine straw, small branches, and leaves covered our road, and the water was running over in the usual spots. Arriving home showed the porch furniture had blown over, and the yard was flooded. 

After going in, checking everything out, and returning to the porch, I looked at the rain gauge. It was around four inches, and the rain was still much more than a sprinkle. Over the next hour, it tapered off; leaving a steady light rain, and a temperature around 60 degrees. 

There's still a steady rain, and the radar shows we'll have this over the next few hours. With the rain gauge now only about an inch from the top, I'm wondering if we'll end up with six inches before it's over.


  1. See, now that still sounds hot to me. When I got out of the hot tub tonight, the ash tray for my cigar was frozen to the hot tub lid.

    Good times.

    1. We reached 42 this morning. By afternoon, it will be in the mid sixties, and by Christmas day, will be pushing 80 for the high temperature.

  2. it's 27 degrees this morning in mid Michigan, but the weather link brags that it "feels like 17" with the wind chill. We have a thin blanket of the white stuff. This is perfect for this week. Then comes January and February, months that last forever up here with no view of the sun or even a blue tint in the sky.

    1. We're mild now, but January, and February can bring some freezing weather. That's usually not good, especially if the overpasses freeze.