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Friday, December 3, 2021


I read where Baldwin had an interview with the Clinton bitch boy, and claimed he didn't pull the trigger of the single action revolver that killed his coworker. He even cried, which is what he's paid well to do. He cries during many of his performances, and it even looks convincing. 

So, Bravo Mr. Baldwin. While you may have not pulled the trigger, how do you explain how the hammer of a single action revolver was cocked? We're waiting, and wondering when the local prosecutor will stop trying to shovel through the bullshit and charge you for the crime you committed. The scene is complete, they've called cut, and now you have to face the real world.


  1. According to a friend that watched the entire interview, he said he pulled the hammer back and released it.

    1. That's the same as pulling the trigger. A single action will fire, if the hammer is pulled back and released. That is neglect in my opinion, but in fairness, the evidence should be, at least, presented to a grand jury for review.

      The armorer was sloppy, and so were many others. Their negligence caused a death. This is more information that should be brought before a grand jury.

  2. Replies
    1. The revolver will be the strongest evidence exhibit for the prosecution. I doubt the defense will find any professional witness that will testify there is any reason to play with a firearm.