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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Matters of Conscience and Logic

I read what I can. In my reading, I've found many articles about the inoculations currently being pushed for a virus that is widely accepted as being created in a laboratory. That, and how the inoculations have many undesirable side effects that can lead to death in some. There's tons of information on both sides of the push for inoculations, but the elephant in the room is how there's no legal consequences for those manufacturing the serums used for Covid 19, and all the variants. Regardless of the final outcome, those that may have, or not, reacted to the possibility of riches, or reacted to the threat of losing their employment, have a free pass to do just about anything without any punishment. This leads to a dead-end for compensation, or justice, unless you take it to the limits of what either mean. The courts of law are now closed to those harmed, and what will be the reaction when enough finally realize they only have themselves to find justice?

Medications usually take years of research, experiments, and trials before being accepted for human use. There are many reasons for the time required, but the most important is to determine the long term effects of introducing something into the human body. One of the most important effects to be studied is the effect on pregnancy, and the subsequent children born to the parents given the medication. If the medication causes defects, miscarriages, or sterility, the ultimate effect may be a substantial loss of humans due to attrition. If enough are treated, millions will be affected. 

I'm not a doctor, so I can't speak for the medical profession, but as a layman, with the material I can find for information, I don't see how a doctor could recommend - and much less prescribe - a medication that hasn't been tested enough to make a logical determination of the effectiveness, or of the long term undesirable side-effects. This takes years, and the current push for inoculations borders on madness, if not a willingness to exterminate millions for a reason incomprehensible to healthy thought. Those that were so quick to push the inoculations are now the focus of those harmed. Without the societal buffer of legal remedies, those that promoted what could possibly be near genocide become the focus of those wanting redress. 

So, we have some in society that want to disregard logic, and their conscience (if they have one), for whatever reason. Detractors to the narrative are ostracized, research that contradicts what is being presented as fact is ignored, or hidden, and the economies of the entire world are being destroyed by the efforts.

Time will eventually determine how this all ends. One thing is for sure: Liberty should never be traded for temporary safety, or removed because of the whims of those that can't be trusted. Most of all, making an effort to prevent this from happening again should be paramount in importance.  


  1. key in my train of logic is the great lengths they will go in order to prevent use of other therapies that have proven effective, or at the least, do no harm. then toss in the total disregard for science with respect to masks.

    1. The reports are lies, the proponents are lying, and those too ignorant to understand the perils are minions for tyranny.

    2. And yet, to this day, China has not had the price exacted on it for doing this to us.
      With Fauci's help.

    3. Fauci is a monster, and his punishment for his actions should be severe.