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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Mild Days and Nights

 I was sitting on the front porch, listening to the sounds of the night, and thinking about the blessing of our current weather. Some are probably disappointed, and others not really noticing, but it's rare. 

Right now, at midnight, it's 72 degrees, with a pleasant wind out of the south. It's cloudy, but it's the thin stratus, which can turn into a heavy fog near daybreak. According to the wizards, we'll see this for the next three days, with breaks in the clouds and daytime temperatures around 80 for the highs. 

We've had a number of days with this type of weather, with cold fronts only breaking the cycle with a few days of colder weather. We haven't had a frost, and nothing even close to a freeze. I know might find it doesn't remind them much of the Christmas season, but digging into my past memories, this isn't a first for me, and we had a few, where the air condition was running to keep the kitchen from being too hot on Christmas day. 

I'll take this. It allows running around in shorts during the day, and pleasant evenings on the front porch without insects, and the beating sun. Sooner, or later, we'll receive a strong front, have days of blustery cold weather, and have the opportunity to complain about the cold. Until then, I'll enjoy the best our weather can offer, and sip my coffee on the front porch in a thin bathrobe. 


  1. yeah,chilly this morning but if this is the global warmening thing, i'm in. i may crank my tractor and let it idle all day to speed the warmening up a tad. the libtards say it'll do that.

    1. If things stay nearly the same, my winter heating costs won't be high. Those up north will have some moments of anger, when they get their bills.