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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Simply Explained

 There is only way to describe the last election: Dishonesty. If the count was honest, there would be no argument. If politicians were honest, there would be no discussion. If people were honest, all would demand a investigation to arrive at an honest count. If the media was honest, there would be countless reports on the dishonesty, and how there needs to be accountability. 

Even the least important of poll workers allowed themselves to become minions for the vast dishonesty of those willing to forego all integrity to change an election. That says much about our society, and the rot of deceit by the government. We've become a nation of fools, and the foolishness is destructive.

“Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.”

― Thomas Jefferson


  1. To not admit the massive fraud and illegal voting practices, chain of custody issues, poll watcher suppression, is to be either incredibly biased, uncaring or stupid.
    If you think the amount of fraud seen doesn't taint the results, mix some fecal matter in your kool-aid. You'll never taste it.

    1. There are too many morons in the United States, or there are too many foolish people. There is no other explanation.