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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Nobody Likes a Cheater

A handful of states cheated on votes during the last election. If it was a professional sport team, the repercussions would have started right after the game. The demand to see who "illegally inflated the ball to the wrong pressure" would be resounding all over the country. Instead, the media, since their cheating team won by cheating, is ignoring the instant replays and demanding the rest of the country sit on their hands and accept their loss. 

The United States isn't full of idiots, regardless of how the media portrays those that make it happen. The media should be punished for this; and the first step is  to turn them off, end subscriptions, boycott their advertisers, and throw rotten vegetables at their news vans.  


  1. The only one I've watched in the last few years was Fox News. They got kicked to the curb November 4th. And I took them out of my bookmarks too. I don't think I'll ever trust a mainstream media company again. Additionally, I'd REALLY like to see facebook, twitter and google get bankrupted and broken up into miniscule pieces.

  2. I've been doing all of those things for a while now. Except for throwing the rotten veggies. They're too important for my compost pile to waste.

  3. I turned them off ages ago too.

    But throwing rotten veggies? I think somebody’s going to get shot sooner, rather than later.

  4. It's like I'm preaching to the choir, yet in the back of my mind, I know the word gets out, people start paying attention, and things change.

  5. i'm constantly shocked and dismayed at how many people believe biden won fair and square, and further believe the gospel according to fauci. no amount of evidence will sway their belief. its depressing.

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