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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Look at What It's Made Of

 At one time, career politicians were not well liked. That's understandable, since it doesn't take much acuity to understand the politician that has their wealth increased exponentially didn't earn it by doing honest work. That person is being bought, and only a fool allows them to stay in a position where they can sell out their country for a few dollars. 

Look at Congress. Look at state and local legislators. What do you see? Too many career politicians, or glad handing shysters looking for an illegal paycheck. They make laws that benefit their benefactors, and slurp up the gravy as it is poured. They don't represent who elected them, and they don't represent the United States. 

At one time, there were laws that applied to everyone, but with the career politicians, and their henchmen, they escape prosecution. Those hired to enforce the laws turn their heads, or take part in destroying those that muddy the water. There in no justice, and the corruption creeps like a rot into all aspects of society. 

Term limits is the start of a cure, but those terms need to apply to bureaucratic positions. Cabinet members are ousted forever from politics. So are department heads. The penalties for corruption need to be threefold for those in government, and the worst of offenders executed for crimes of sedition, or treason. 


  1. And?

    Like the Spartans with their kings, put them on trial the moment their term ends.

    1. I didn't know that Sparta tried their kings, but it sounds like a good long as the Supreme Court has term limits, and they too are tried after they leave office.