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Monday, December 14, 2020

Tyranny and Betrayal

 I think it's fair to portray the nation's capitol as a cesspool of treachery. Like a large, corrupt country club, everyone is trying to be "in" and acquire some of the power that is available. Some is achieved from large amounts of money, some is achieved by manipulating laws for profit, and some achieved by becoming a minion for the most loathsome examples of mankind. 

Regardless of how the power is doled out, the consideration for those that will ultimately pay the bills is never considered. To the powerful, they are peons to be kept in their place; and manipulating these peons is the paramount requirement for success. The common citizen is only good for taking care of the services they require. Give them too much autonomy, and they become cocky.

To make matters worse, those in power have the media to hide their activities. With this cooperation of the media, administrative officials commit all types of crimes, and the highest members of the branches of government are used to punish those that question their activities. If they can't destroy the person financially, they use their employees to harass, or to destroy their lives to the point they lose even their families. The media, with their power, guarantee their are no survivors, and convict those they focus on to be convicted as guilty by the court of public opinion. 

The worst thing about all of the corruption is the willingness to comingle for recognition and access. This can make even the most innocent a pawn to destroy others; and if that person is destroyed in the process, it means nothing to all. Too many have joined the "country club", and know they vulnerable. It's easier to stay quiet, or turn your head. Integrity doesn't exist; such things are for fools.

History is full of the folly of governments. Few ever survive for any long period of time, since most all succumb to the evils that power allows. To achieve the most power, the liberty of the individual can't be tolerated, and liberty is what every person desires. When the necessary tyranny becomes intolerable, people revolt, and if they are armed, their retaliation is brutal. In the aftermath, another experiment in government is achieved, and the process starts again.

The only explanation for the cesspool in the capitol is that too many decided they would ignore the simplest of rules demanded by the Constitution. They chose tyranny, and they betrayed their country.


  1. To the Left, the rules are meant to be broken . . .

    1. That's true, but they have plenty of Republicans to help them with their endeavors.

  2. It's all the uniparty now. They have all shown their colors.

    1. Fred, that's the ONE good thing to come from all of this. Now we know how deep the corruption runs. It's magnitudes worse than I ever thought possible. That being said, they may just find out how bad an idea it is to back a wolverine into a corner.

  3. The media has been a huge problem and still is, no doubt about it. But finally, we have the means to destroy them - and my fellow old farts here really need to help with that. Alt Tech puts off the older crowd because of the abundance of loons and outright nuggets. But you can filter them out on Gab, Parler, Rumble and other platforms that are rising to challenge the mass media.

    Eg. The day after the media came out with the vids of those cops kneeling on George Floyd’s neck...I knew those cops were innocent. Some people involved warned that the full video coverage would exonerate them. A day later, they posted it, showing the cops trying to reason with the man, letting him up, and then taking him down again when he got erratic. A couple days later they told us Floyd swallowed his drug stash to avoid getting busted with it, and had four times the lethal dose of fenytyl in his system when he died. A day later the coroner’s report was posted, complete with signatures, letterhead and all the details. It was common knowledge about a month later when the mass media finally reported these things.

    Everyone has a cellphone camera. I’ve seen at least 12 cases of voter fraud, complete with sound, or incidents that any real law enforcement would be duty bound to investigate. You see what our rulers do when they think the cameras are off, you hear what they say when they think they can’t be overheard, you see their personal correspondence when these idiots get sloppy with it. You would be shocked at how incredibly stupid most of those people are. The best are mediocrities at best.

    Alt Tech is protecting and enforcing your first amendment, fellas... and you really, really need to jump on it and inform yourselves.

    1. The alphabet networks, since they've holed up in the bastions of ignorance, have no clue they're becoming insignificant. It serves them right, since they became too lazy to perform investigative journalism.