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Friday, December 18, 2020

Are People Really That Stupid?

 You don't have to look far to find the Covid statistics are corrupt. Otherwise, any actions related to the statistics are as corrupt as the statistics. Still, businesses are forced to be closed by bureaucrats that are being paid regardless of the virus. 

Where is the cooperative outrage? Why are these bureaucratic monkeys allowed to continue to throw feces and ignore the devastation caused by locking down businesses? Where are the citizens that refuse to bow to the creators of tyranny?

It's hard to believe people are that stupid, but considering the continued bowing to the priests of deception only leads me to believe they are.


  1. Part of the problem is that the Government agencies that are prosecuting this war on us have the resources of the taxpayers, where the taxpayers don't have the resources to pay the legal fees to resist.
    This is a problem a prominent lawyer pointed out to me recently.
    He's repping a number of restaurants here in Michigan.

    1. That explains the real problem, which is that all government employees are far outnumbered by private citizens. There are not enough bureaucrats, police officers, or the military to stop a determined citizenry. Even if some tried, they'd soon realize they've become the enemy, and their existence is now in danger.

      The courts have proven to be the place where most people can't protect themselves, and in the end, justice is never served. The courts can, and will, bankrupt a private citizen, while those that are members of the legal profession thrive.

  2. i just watched a millennial woman attempt to dig her prius out of three feet of snow with an ice scaper, in office attire ten minutes before she was supposed to be there. yep, they're that stupid.

    1. In the past, such things were avoided, due to the possibility of freezing to death.