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Friday, December 18, 2020

Who's Leaning on Who?

 Since the capitol is a hodgepodge of feckless, weak and crooked people, who do you think is leaning on who? Are the Chicoms leaning on their ass-clown bought officials? What about the leaders of the House, and Senate? Who has them by the short-hairs and scares them more than a mob of millions demanding their hides? What about the Supreme Court? The rumor is that Roberts spent some time on the Lolita Express. Did he? If so, who has him losing sleep at night? The Clintons? The Obamas?

These are interesting times, but the interest is becoming more toward revolting against the tyranny of a corrupt government. That, and watching if Trump will lower the boom, take charge, and transform the capitol into a city of laws. 

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  1. It kind of surprises me that any of the people who participated in Epstein's pedophile island care about their public image. Doesn't seem like they're trying to hide their treachery, so why would their reputation take any more of a hit for brazen sliminess?