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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Face Mask Follies

 After years in the construction industry, and too many safety orientations, one thing I always remembered was respirator regulations. Respirator filters are color coded for specific environments, a fit test required, and an medical release from a doctor determining if the person could wear a respirator. Why? because some people are physically unable to wear a respirator. Anything that restricts breathing can be a danger to some people.

These masks people are wearing are not even close to a respirator, or able to block out a particle as small as a virus. Air gaps in multiple places wouldn't even stop particles as large as a grain of sand, and if a sand blaster was caught using one as protection, they'd be reprimanded, or fired. 

So, people continue to be herded like animals to satisfy the bizarre whims of bureaucrats and other warts on the ass of society. The virus is sure to have spread to a level herd immunity was reached, and at this point, the demand for face masks is only a way to control.


  1. It seems like . . . groundhog day.


    1. It worked the first time, and the devastation was ignored by most of the media. It would be different if the networks, and politicians, were required to go home, and lose their paychecks.

  2. With N95 masks it says right on the box those things don’t work for viruses.