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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Fine Print

 There is no fine print, when it comes to integrity. Regardless of how many words are in a bill for legislation, or in the regulations that are created to accomplish the goal of the bill, the final result is supposed to be an effort to help, and to insure any money belonging to the public is not wasted. If the goal can't be accomplished by law, the next effort is to determine why an action is needed. This is where our legislators, officials, and members of the judiciary have failed. They know the reasons, participate in the evil their foolishness allows, and are mute, when the demand for honesty is necessary. The fine print only protects those they want to be protected, and the waste they create for their personal gain is an abomination on society. While they think they've escaped the scorn of the nation, they haven't. They've surrounded themselves with those more evil, and they will ultimately be held accountable. Hopefully, it's before the nation is destroyed, and their posthumous legacy isn't as foul as the Nazis.