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Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Planet for Star Wars Video Game

It's going to be a gay planet. How this all works is beyond me. Will killing an evil gay villain be a hate crime?

I've played a few video games and watched others. While I may be missing something, I've never seen any reason for relationships, since everyone is killing each other, or fighting monsters.  Maybe they'll have a "time out" section, where all the characters go to a gay bar, say something out of line and end up in a big fight with blasters.

Who knows what will happen and some gamers are upset. Besides having to explain the characters, they'll have to explain to their children why C-3PO has a lisp.


  1. No way in hell would I have believed it if I hadn't checked out the url.

    Will the light sabers be in various colors?

  2. Rainbow light sabers and everyone will still be confused about the sex of Wookies.