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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Cost of Life

I know the popular term is "the cost of living", but the cost of life is more appropriate to me.

I pay attention to the price of the different things I require to survive. They've all gone up and not by just a little. While many on the public dole just continue to spend with abandon, I don't have that luxury, so my purchases are guided by what I can afford. Here's an example:

I like to make homemade vegetable, beef soup. The ingredients are the same, so for years I haven't changed any; including the brands. The only thing that might change is the type of beef. I vary between stew meat and roasts - depending on the price.

Four years ago, the two pounds of meat and various items was around $12. Over the weekend, I bought the same items and the price was $20. That's a substantial difference and with the drought, pending freeze in places that don't normally freeze, with increasing prices for various government mandates, the cost will only become higher.

So, the cost of life is higher and my salary is frozen. Meanwhile, Congress is pushing for a raise and government employees are given raises without any thought of how it affects the deficit or attitude of those that actually produce the tax money they spend without thinking.

I don't know about you, but I'm pissed. The arrogance and lack of fiscal responsibility by many in government has reached the point it's intolerable. They may think they can continue without reactions from taxpayers but I have the feeling they've reached the end of their rope. People push back when their survival is at stake. Those that live in Washington, D.C. may not notice the drastic attitude change by taxpayers, but the Congress critters will eventually have to go home. I hope those that are making efforts to bring this fiscal crises under control are treated as heroes. As far as the tax and spend bunch: I hope they're pelted with rotten vegetables and become afraid to leave their houses. They're warts on the ass of progress and need to go.

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