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Monday, January 21, 2013

What He Should Have Said

I've listened to snippets of the inaugural address today. Personally, it was more empty words with promises of progressive meddling. Otherwise, the shit was deep and the spreaders were enamored with their self-importance.

What should have been said:

"...We've reached a point in our destiny were self-reliance is most important. With that in mind, the development of energy independence is paramount and the development of all energy sources - including hydrocarbons - will be my goal for the next four years. 

How shall we accomplish this? With a strong effort to relieve excessive regulations on those that develop and produce energy. My goal is to make the greatest country in the world a shining example of self-sufficiency and fiscal responsibility. It's our heritage and a continuance of the efficient industry our ancestors developed. Energy independence will help with financial security and remove the reliance on foreign nations that can't even protect those that help with their own energy development. 

Now, we need to bow our heads and pray for the families of the Americans killed by terrorists in Algeria. While we can't change what has passed, we can change what is to come and never expose our fine citizens to the same dangers ever again..."

I can wish. A good man would have those goals. We don't have a good man in the White House. May our future leaders never make the same mistakes.

A local man was one of those killed in Algeria. It was heartbreaking to hear his daughter try to explain her sorrow. Her tears and sobs were the same I've experienced when close family members were killed way before what we perceived was their time.

I'll pray for the family tonight. It's all I can do and I'm sure it will not be enough.


  1. Obama was obviously told by his handlers to stop saying "I". But today, every time he said the words "OUR", "WE" and "AS A NATION", I was wondering if there wasn't a gap in his security, somewhere.......

    But then again, Michelle has new bangs and a red dress. Now I truly feel better.

  2. If the hoopla was on their dime, I wouldn't care if they dressed like Disney characters and waltzed in the middle of the street. Since it wasn't, and I knew it was more of the same crap, I could only feel anger. There's no sincerity, the lies are becoming more than apparent and the terrible waste of money is beyond decency.