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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fiscal Cliff and the Lack of Character

I've been watching the media mish-mash of projection, conjecture and political hype over the last few days. All in all, it's been a waste of time.

So, here we are falling over the fiscal cliff. Taxes are going up, costs are going up, Washington has proven again it's the location where feckless politicians and bureaucrats waste the resources of those that work hard and never ask anything from the government.

It's time for this to change, which I'm thinking should be a new party. Republicans couldn't find their ass with both hands with a map, and Democrats are God hating fascists who taint the air. Neither has proven anything over the last two decades, except they despise the people they supposedly represent.

I'm thinking it should be the Fiscal Party, since the "Party of pissed off people who don't give a rat's ass if even 75% of the people feel the government should have more power" is too long.

Things will change and it will happen quickly. It will start with the general feeling of anger when even those that get substantial government benefits realize the benefits are dwindling and they still have to pay the increase in Social Security taxes. Their move forward for hope and change will leave them in a situation worse than it was before.

The mainstream media will attempt to blame the Republican Party, and it may work for awhile, but they'll find their decreased revenue will lead them to search for those that actually have money. Those won't be the feel good patrons of the public teat and they'll be vindictive in their demand for accuracy in the news and a reduction in the progressive shills the universities turn out in large numbers.

Universities will find most people consider their diplomas worthless ass wipe material and more of all industries will train their own. They'll start with young, impressionable individuals willing to succeed and not be dragged into the quagmire of progressive thinking like their parents.

Some may think this all won't happen, but it will. We're a nation of individuals and we demand the rights of the individual superseded the whims of politics, or the demands of worthless parasites that now pervade our society. While some spit on the Constitution, it's a document more powerful than any group of power hungry, evil people that have allowed their arrogance to consume their sanity.

It will probably get ugly, but that's the nature of change. Personally, I welcome it. I've had enough.


  1. Great minds think alike. Last night I decided: Bring it on, you bastards.

    The harlem hoods and mexican ghettos won't be affected. Congress has lots of money to keep giving to them once they declare cold war on old people and their social security is absconded - LEGALLY.

    When I was a working woman and the boss told me to do something, there was no procrastination on my part or I would have been fired and replaced by nightfall.

  2. And that Jess, is why we blog: So that rational voices might be heard. by someone.
    Well done.