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Monday, January 14, 2013

Is it Embezzlement, or Tax Fraud?

The misuse of Air Force One to take the President, or his entourage on vacation is far from what I would consider official use of public funds. With this in mind, what would you call it?

If it's intentional use of funds without permission for personal use, I'd call it embezzlement. In any other setting, there's no other definition that fits it better. Being the President doesn't exempt you from laws.

If embezzlement is too harsh for the tender eyes of those that are unwilling to admit they're getting screwed, then how about tax fraud? Does he claim the huge freebies as part of his personal income? If not, shouldn't there be some huge penalties and interest due the tax payers?

Yeah, yeah yeah. I can hear the peanut gallery: "Well, President Bush did this, too." So what. If any President misuses public funds, they should be accountable. Send Bush a tax bill, too, with penalties and interest. They'd send their minions to do the same to me. Fair is fair.

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