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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the Subject of Vacations

I get paid vacation. Not much, but paid to be off work. It's something many in the construction field don't enjoy. Vacation is the layoff between projects and it's certainly not a set time, or paid.

I've never taken a vacation with a company credit card, chartered a 747, hired a security team and flown to Hawaii to spend my vacation on company money. Even if I could get away with such a thing, the result would be a definite termination of my position and the strong possibility of criminal charges.

Obama took off for Hawaii to continue his vacation, at the cost of 7 million, which I'm assuming is this trip alone. This arrogant abuse of power, in my opinion, should cause the immediate preparation of an invoice, the delivery of this invoice to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. - Washington, D.C. and the start of impeachment proceedings.

Of course, he won't compensate the taxpayer, or face any repercussions. Congress has too many thieving, liars that would do the same thing and never look back. The worst of criminals are our legislators and they're thumbing their noses at those that work hard, ask for nothing, except relief and wonder how far politicians will go before they're forced to stop.

If someone told me a meteor landed square in the middle of Washington, D.C. and all the legislators were smashed like bugs, I'm afraid my response would be: "It's a good start. Maybe God has had enough, too."

1 comment:

  1. "Maybe God has had enough, too."
    I'm waiting. and waiting.
    Yet I remember that Jonah sat under that palm waiting for Nineveh's destruction wherein God reproved him saying he should rather hope for their deliverance.
    I'm ready to call down fire upon them and Jesus says "You know not what Spirit you are of."