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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Founders Left Out a Right

You're asking what right so important at this time, that wasn't important back then? It's the right to be free from everyone else. Otherwise, do what you want, but don't disturb my world with your grandiose delusions that change nothing, or only make your over-sized ego larger.

You want more taxes? Fine, but you get what I give you only. If I decide not to, then guess what? Yeah, you you understand. You're power to be obnoxious and overbearing disappears quickly when you're scrambling for the money most people won't give you.

I'm thinking the thought of leaving people alone was so ingrained, nobody could imagine a society where constant meddling was accepted. Times have changed, and I think there would be eleven amendments in the Bill of Rights if the founders could have seen the future. Liberty meant more than just the first word in the name of a life insurance company.


  1. I have a saying that I have had to use on several occasions: "I'm here to HELP. I'm not here to be taken advantage of, or to be a convenience."

    But now, the word "help" means taking over ALL the problems and providing ALL the solutions.

  2. Now, help is offered, then demanded and you pay a fine, or go to jail if you don't comply. If anyone doesn't believe this, examine the Affordable Care Act.