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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Tired of the News. It's Time for a Story....but

...I wrote one and sent it off to East of the Web to see what they'd do with it. I have no idea if that's good, bad or means nothing, but over the weekend, while dealing with crappy internet, Blogger wouldn't allow me to load my draft for publishing on my site. So, I took it as a sign, followed submission guidelines and even received a return email stating it could be 5 months for them to completely ignore me.

I have to come up with something else. It will come and I'll write it. Until then, it will be tirades and a general feeling of anger accented by vitriolic satire .


  1. Wait....your STORY didn't publish, but you're here writing. What did I miss? If it helps any, I couldn't get online today but Joe could. Same router. Different computers. Same anti-virus program.

    1. I'm not an expert on publishing, but first rights is something that they like. Otherwise, they want to be the first to publish a story, so they can get first shot at any future market. Otherwise, use the story for gain and I can also have an opportunity.

      East of the Web doesn't demand first rights, but I think it's a small courtesy to allow them to have the story first. If it should get placed on their site, and get some recognition, I think it's only fair they get first shot at being the one that discovered a new author.

      So, whether my decision is the best, or not, that's what I've done. Time will tell if it's a wise decision.

      Meanwhile, I posted a different story for your enjoyment, or not.

  2. "tirades and a general feeling of anger accented by vitriolic satire"
    Stormy weather.