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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hillary and Distractions

I think it's great they finally got her in front of some congressional committees. It's a good distraction from all the progressive canaries talking about abolishing the Second Amendment, with gun sales out the roof and states telling the to go suck eggs.



  1. Remora holsters sent me an email saying I was lucky to have ordered my holsters when I did. They said that there's such an extreme gun buy-out due to Obama that all their holsters are on back-order. Take THAT Obama.

  2. The media is the only thing that is keeping this frenzy of anti-gun demands going. I have the feeling, once they see how their ratings are falling like turds from the ass of donkey, they'll realize they've chosen the wrong side.

    Now, some might say: "Well the media is full of liberals and they'll keep promoting their agenda." Of course they will, but the stockholders for the big networks are more worried about their dividends. Considering the sad state of the economy, they'll be looking for ways to cut costs, increase viewers and know they've pissed off the people that actually buy their product or the products of their advertisers.

    I just read Donald Trump is looking for ways to buy the New York Times. If he succeeds, the media will begin to feel the backlash.