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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Took a Gander... the news, pundits and political commentary wizards this evening. The big question, after the denial, hype, conjecture and outright bullshit was: Did Obama lie to the citizens of the United States?

My mind expanded to the point of near explosion. My big question was: How does this matter? While the media spins with confusion about whether Obama intentionally told a lie, or mislead the public due to the incompetence of others, the sad fact remains that many people people will literally die due to bureaucracy. Lives will end because of paperwork errors, long term waits for treatment and most disturbing: an intentional effort to make life and death decisions the arbitrary decisions of bureaucrats.

My life may end because someone will decide a treatment costs too much, or the few years it allows aren't worth what a government official considers necessary. I'm expendable for the supposed public good and I'm supposed to accept this possibility without complaint.

If you have the tiniest spark of intelligence, all of this should horrify you to the point of demanding an end to this obvious removal of liberty. Every United States citizen is a sovereign being that is supposed to enjoy every right demanded by the Constitution. The removal of self-determination in health decisions removes all rights of liberty. It's no different than the denial of food or shelter as decreed by tyrants as a capricious reaction for some purported public good.

How this all turns out remains to be seen. From my vantage point, unless those in Washington are held accountable, possibly removed from office or held as criminals, the final results will leave the United States as a country as corrupt and inefficient as the former Soviet Union. If you have no idea of what I'm describing, do a little research, examine the facts and realize how liberty is precious and should never be considered a tenuous matter for political philosophers to determine.


  1. I've known more than one person on Medicare over the years prior to Obamacare who were denied medical care/services that would have drastically improved their over all well being because Medicare didn't cover those services. For example, a good friend of mine needs orthotic shoe inserts to prevent a host of problems which cause him an inability to ambulate with out severe pain. These prostheses cost around $300 per foot. However, annually Medicare spends double or triple that amount of money treating the side effects of the conditions which reduce his ability to walk and cause severe pain, bursitis and other problems which are exacerbated on account of not having a proper fitting orthotic shoe inserts. So, my tax dollars are going to pay for continuing to pay to treat symptoms of a disease which cost more than preventing the symptoms in the first place. Brilliant.

    As I see it, if after half a century of crappy government sponsored Medicare that only a portion of the country is enrolled in that, incidentally the government couldn't afford to fund properly, I had no confidence ever at any point that Obamacare would not be a debacle of epic proportions, not to mention all the other ethical violations it causes. There is absolutely no foundation of faith upon which this healthcare house of cards could be built, and it is insulting to think it was rammed down America's throat by people who I can never believe had anyone's best interests but their own on their minds.

    And, the few people I've encountered who supported Obamacare were so dumb, comparing them to a box of rocks would insult the rocks and the box. But you can't convince someone the sky is blue when they have never, ever had their head out of their ass a day in their life.

    1. It seems that those that are least willing to contribute are the first to decry the unfairness of not receiving their expected stipend. They never consider the unfairness of demanding others work, while they receive without effort. To them, the government is an ethereal entity with unlimited resources, money on demand and they expect to receive their share of this imaginary resource without end.