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Thursday, October 17, 2013

So Who Won?

The conjecture and projections are thick, so who won the latest fiscal fiasco in Washington? It's as usual: the strong. While all the politicians and pundits bounce their ideas around - at a tremendous cost - those with the ability to survive, a strong willingness to win and the determination to survive won. Those that think they did only showed their underbelly. Exposed, the evisceration will happen, whether soon or further down the road.

If you don't know you can survive financial collapse, know how to hunt, know how to create a protective perimeter and believe any member of government is your friend, you lost.


  1. Tax payers sure didn't win. Well, they did win more debt. Federal employees get to go back to work AND collect back pay for work they didn't do, those are the winners.

    I guess liberals don't understand that if the government collapses under its own debt it will just empower all those conservatives out there with guns.

    1. They know, but have this bizarre belief the same government that's willing to steal, deprive veterans access to memorials, allows terrorist to kill an ambassador and pays people to vote, will always protect those that will eventually be the biggest burden.

      The first to go will be the elderly, then those with debilitating illnesses and finally those that have no real worth to society, who are found in the ghettos of inner cities and will eventually lose even the idea of autonomy, all respect and be unable to escape.

      A Warsaw Ghetto in all large cities is the final result of the unbridled power of the government. How these ghettos are finally handled is still in the air, but I seriously doubt compassion will be involved.

    2. I guess it's just the mean side of me, but I don't have a problem nor sympathy for urban liberals finding themselves living in a Stalingrad situation of their own making. Because they're the easiest to corral they're the first the government will go after and promise a socialist utopia. When the shelves in the food stores are bare they'll riot. Then the Government will shutdown the mercantile exchange, exasperating the problem. After that the government will blame farmers for the problems and move on the rural areas That's when the real blood bath will happen, people that live miles apart are closer knit than those that live stacked upon each other like cord wood in cities. I know this to be true having lived in both, I know where the better quality and more trustworthy people live