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Friday, October 18, 2013

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A lack of journalism ethics and a failure to recognize the problems caused by inaccurate reporting is a problem that destroys societies. Considering the responsibility that journalism entails, with the current lack of self-discipline and questionable efforts by many in the profession, the dangers of not demanding accountability can't be ignored.

What can be done? To start, expecting any help from the media as a whole is foolish. The reputation of media outlets now leads to an almost complete lack of trust. To make matters worse, the ferocious efforts to have the lead story, or capture the most viewers exposes those that can expose corruption to retaliation, or character assassination.

Removing any public assistance for media is one of the first steps required to change the focus. There is no loyalty to citizens if the information presented can lead to manipulation of those funds for punishment or a determination of staff positions. Expecting the dog to bite the master is unreasonable. Information too often becomes propaganda,

Eliminating unreliable outlets and reporting is an important step. How? By avoiding outlets that are obviously presenting misleading reports or allowing their staff to corrupt information for a particular agenda. With this should be an avoidance of commerce with advertisers. Products and services lend credibility to media outlets. Businesses, whether for a moral or economic reason, will avoid being linked to something that can eventually cause them harm. Removing the monetary support decreases the revenue, which decreases the ability to survive and continue harm.

There is a society of professional journalists, but if they're like many societies, such as the A.M.A., politics have turned it into an organization that has an agenda; instead of a purpose. I don't know enough about the society to make an informed decision, but at this point, I don't think that's important any longer. Regardless of their goal, there is no trust on my part. Journalism has become a huge, steaming pile of crap and I have little faith for those that practice the profession.

Things will never change, until those that journal our current events become accountable, avoid interjecting their politics and give readers the information required to make good decisions. Until that happens, those that manipulate the media will continue to manipulate our society. I know this problem is a problem that plagued the human race since the beginning of recorded history. So was malaria, and that illness is not accepted as incurable by developed societies. The same should hold true with journalism and its contribution to the mass media.

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