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Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's All About Perception

I was out running errands, needed some toilet paper, saw a convenient Walmart and sauntered in with the thought it wouldn't take long.

Well, it did. Too many of the customers were obviously on Thorazine and navigating the perusing customers proved to test my patience.

How long does it take to make a decision on which canned fruit you'll put in your basket? Do the shiny labels mesmerize you to the point of distraction? Is any of this worth blocking an aisle I hoped wouldn't be full of people like you and used in the hope of finding a shortcut?

Anyway, I finally escaped, made my way home and found I wasn't out of toilet paper. That's when I realized how it's all a perception, instead of fact. I perceived I was out of toilet paper, my perception was not based on fact and why was it so important I was willing to brave a trip to Walmart on Saturday afternoon? After all, there's a shower only three feet away. A worst case scenario would still allow me to keep my dignity and not be shunned by society.

Sometimes, I feel like a dumbass.


  1. Jess, it happens to me all the time....the dumbass thing. Walmart, not gonna go there.

  2. I think what is even worse for me is when I forget something I really do need while there, and have to go back.

  3. Obviously your rear-end was doing the thinking for you. (notice how politely I put that?)

    And now you can say you are a toilet paper prepper!

  4. A dumb-ass doesn't think to buy toilet paper before he runs out.
    You are disqualified.