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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Well.......What Do You Think?

The slimdown is continuing, registration for insurance is a fiasco, the alphabet networks are increasing the demand for Xanax and the country is rolling along, although some people that shouldn't have been hurt by this are being used as pawns for political gain.

Meanwhile, Obama has hit the road to whine. He's whining to anyone who will listen, instead of realizing nobody really takes him seriously and it's obvious he's avoiding doing his job.

Although the media and Democrats are trying to blame the nasty Tea Party, I can't find many people that believe anyone but the Senate, and the President, are responsible for the refusal of the House to abandon their principals and the wishes of their constituents.

So, my opinion is the Affordable Healthcare Act will never get enough people to enroll, since it's real clear what it will cost and most people are damn sure not going to obligate to pay for insurance they can't afford. It's cheaper to pay a few hundred dollars and get the same care....if they can find a medical facility that hasn't gone belly up or moved to the cash only category.

I may be wrong, but there's nothing showing me that this entire mess was not a fiasco from the beginning and what's happening was bound to happen. While there are conspiracy theories that state this was the intention so a single payer system could be placed in effect, I don't see that; I can't give the dimwits in D.C. that kind of credit. Remember, these are the same folks that think things get done because they said they will, but never spend even a fraction of their time managing, or correcting their problems. How will this single payer system materialize within a few days? ...and don't tell me they'll force it on us. The entire country is already mad enough. Trying to force them to do anything will only lead to disaster and even the military would refuse to get involved. Traitorous officers know that hand grenades can accidentally appear in the strangest places, without a pin.

I'm sitting with my feet hanging down. The show continues and I have a ring side seat.


  1. I'm on furlough because of this debacle, and while it's been nice having a few days off, I'd really like to get back to work. I do have a mortgage payment to make. Damn idiots.

    1. The house offered to pay for all, except for Obamacare. Obama and his minions shut the government down.

  2. If there is a government shutdown.....shouldn't Senators, Governors, and "the president" be on "furlough" without pay????? Aren't they also paid by the government?

    I think this was in the works for a long time, and the pres was ready to bring out the big shutdown - he just didn't expect it to go this way. He's an ignorant buffoon with just enough time left to shut down the entire nation so we can be purchased by another country for overdue debts.

    1. Yeah, they get paid. The snoopers, jack boots and asshole bureaucrats get paid too.

      They can all go to Hell.