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Monday, October 7, 2013

First Taste of Fall

It's 58 this morning, with a north wind and humidity below 60%. In contrast to the last few months, when the lowest temperature was around 70 and the relative humidity was near 100%, this a taste of heaven.

The high temperature is forecast to be around 78 today, which is the temperature many people keep with their air conditioners in the summer. So, I'll be working in the air conditioning today.

Thanks God.


  1. Enjoy. I like the inside temp just above meat locker when I take to bed. Wife keeps flannel sheets on our bed year round....she acts as if it'd cold or something.

  2. I'll trump your 58 with my 43 this morning. Skies are clear and blue. Leaves along the banks of the Minnesota River are turning colors. Am on my way out the door for a walk to enjoy this and forget the insanity for just a little while.