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Monday, October 7, 2013

Should She Stay or Should She Go?

Apparently, there's a question on whether Justice Ginsburg should stay, or go. I say, just leave her there, spray her with some polyurethane sealer and prop her up in a corner.

Oh. She's still alive?

Never mind.


  1. Leave her there.
    She's a placeholder.
    Let her die during a Republican presidency.

  2. I don't trust Supreme Court picks because they have a tendency to become raving lunatics in a black robe.

    That's a pet peeve I had with many of the decisions by the framers. No judge should have a lifetime position, or be insulated from judicial misconduct. There is no separation of powers if the supreme court can possibly be loaded with judges that are unwilling to follow the Constitution and use their power to subvert the basic laws of the land.

  3. I know. When I commented, I almost added "though that's no guarantee".