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Saturday, October 12, 2013

It Makes Me Wonder

The EBT system hiccuped, which led some in 17 states without the benefit of swiping their card for free stuff.  That can lead to some bad reactions, but a comment at the bottom of the article made me wonder, which stated that the system software support was outsourced to India, where there's a severe tycoon in the process of wreaking havoc.

How about that? If this is true, the event can only be described as irony. Even if it isn't, the fact the government can deprive those with anything it provides has been driven home. If there's anything to be learned, it's that self-sufficiency, avoidance of government dependence and an unwillingness to allow such things to happen are best for any society. Those that aren't receiving their stipend are not victims; they're pawns and paying for it with their freedom.


  1. Do you think that if the outsourced work in India were brought back to the US that maybe there would be just a few less dependents of EBT? I can live without my $49 in EBT benefits because I usually turn that $49 into at least $80 with sale buying and coupons. Some things I buy that are not covered by EBT are actually free after a sale and using a coupon. Of course, I am not the typical EBT user. I buy ingredients and not prepared and processed food products. And, I have a master's degree. I work to can and dehydrate excess I can get for nothing or cheaply. I can dehydrate onions that are on sale and use them most of the year, all at about half price, thanks to my 9-tray Excalibur.

    I see abuse everywhere of the program. I can barely walk, but people on disability can often lift heavy items and do anything they want to but earn a living. By getting EBT, they are able to afford cigarettes and alcohol. They are totally dependent on what they can get by lying and being lazy.

  2. Who is the tycoon that is wreaking havoc in India?