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Friday, October 4, 2013

Money Laundering

In the private sector, if someone starts a company, acts like they're doing legitimate business, rakes in tons of money and then uses the money for illegal activities, it's money laundering.

If the Federal Government passes a law that requires you to buy insurance, the insurance companies use the money to promote the law and the insurance companies rake in tons of money, it's called government.

If you can find a distinction, you need to explain it to me. Affordable healthcare? My ass. It's corruption at a scale that is mind boggling and a majority of Supreme Court justices said it's okay.

Corrupt bastards. They can go to Hell.


  1. I completely agree...and if you don't follow our laws we'll take your money as a fine by force.

  2. Affordable. Health. Care.
    Which of those words applies to this scam?
    That woman was right. Obama was out to get her.
    Too bad she wasn't driving an Abrams.