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Friday, November 21, 2014

After the Speech

Well, Obama gave the illegals amnesty, except he didn't. He just told them he'll turn his head and they can all sign up on a government website.

Of course, this is fantastic news to those illegally staying in the United States....or not. What happens if enough officials take their oath to follow the law to heart, and they arrest those that happen to fall for the ruse? Will they be welcomed with open arms? I doubt it.

Most U.S. citizens are tired of this bullshit. Illegals are breaking our laws and that's as simple as it gets. If there was a real effort to get them to leave, it could be accomplished with one federal law making it a crime to rent, lease, or offer shelter to anyone that can't provide documentation of being in the United States legally. Make it a felony crime, give the illegals one month head start, and I'm betting the majority will be gone within that time frame.

Of course, there will be those that refuse; they might even gather to protest. That would make it easier to round them up, and bring them to the border. I'm willing to pay for the deportation transportation. Of course, it might dig into the President's lavish travelling budget, but that's just how the cookie only, and low calorie...that's so Michelle doesn't have to worry about calories.


  1. Personally I would only give them at most 1 week head start. Heck, I might even charter some buses in the sanctuary cities and offer them free passage. But that is the key issue - who is gonna pay for it? And that is also the key issue regarding rounding them ALL up and sending them back whence they came, who will pay for it??? So far, NOBODY (well except for some of us little people) has the guts to demand that happen.........

    1. Considering the amount of money to feed, clothe, treat, house, and incarcerate these illegals, transportation would probably be cheaper, and a one time expense for most.

  2. it is kinda bitter sweet to me... I have a 34 yr.old daughter with health problems , can't get insurance . lives at home, so all medical expense is out of pocket for us... she can't live on her own . and get get assistance because she lives with us and they say her dad makes to much money... he works at valero.... so what are we to do??? somedays I wish she could be an illegal.. or make she should commit a crime go to prison and have medical and college paid for... what a joke.

    1. An article I read years ago reported the number of hospitals closed near border areas. The hospitals were bankrupt, due to the number of indigent, illegal aliens use of the facilities.

      Meanwhile, U.S. citizens are denied affordable healthcare, due to costs. Everyone that pays any money towards healthcare pays more than their share to compensate for the money pit caused by those here illegally.