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Friday, November 14, 2014

Grubering the Taxpayer

Jonathan Gruber was instrumental in the language of the Affordable Care Act. Called the "architect" of the act, recent videos of Gruber show him talking of the deceit used in the language for the bill, To add this disrespect for U.S. taxpayers, he goes on to explain the reason for the obfuscation was to take advantage of the stupidity of citizens.

I really don't think he realizes the ramifications of his stupidity in talking publicly about his deliberate effort to mislead for his personal gain. If it was a stock, or even a soft drink, the recourse could lead to civil suits, or even criminal charges.

Over the next few weeks, as the media finally realizes they can't keep this hidden, the anger will build. Gruber will be the focus of Congressional investigations, taxpayers will demand answers, and even M.I.T. will find they have a legal responsibility, since they pay Gruber a salary to teach his brand of economics, which obviously are not what people would call ethical.

Personally, I think Gruber should be run out of town on a rail; after they find out if he was directed by anyone in the Federal government to deliberately distort the language of the law. Also, I think M.I.T. should be held legally responsible, if they allow Gruber to remain. He's a criminal, in my opinion, and if M.I.T. allows him to stay, they're culpable with his criminal actions.


  1. Pretty certain he won't be making millions consulting for awhile.

    1. And he shouldn't. His ability to understand how the public is manipulated is a rare gift. Using it to gain wealth, and for evil purposes leaves his legacy as that of a man that pursued evil for personal gain.

  2. The guy's obviously brilliant at gaming our system.

    But like all criminals, they just can't stand it when they get stiffed when the credit is handed out for a great smash and grab.

    So, like many crooks we have seen lately, he may have well simply posted his complicity in pulling the wool over our eyes on his Facebook page.

    This brilliant guy is about as dumb as a bag of hammers.

    1. His arrogance exposed his evil participation in using the power of law for tyranny. Now we wait to see what other nasty critters were exposed when he uncovered the rotten log.