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Thursday, November 13, 2014


I started another blog. It's called Scratching for Change. Why? For posting fiction and the hope I can commercialize it and make some spare change.

I have some problems, which one is discussed in a post. Another problem will be keeping the commercial blog from this blog. I don't want both to be Adsense blogs, so I'll do some research on whether that's feasible. If not, I'll try something else.

So, I have stories I've posted here to place there, and new stories in my mind. I'm also still working on my novel, but chapter 17 has become as tedious as chapter 10.

Who knows, I might decide it was a bad idea and get rid of it. Time will tell.


  1. Replies

      There's hardly anything there...yet....

  2. That was my question too, so thank you *smiles*

    1. I've written many different fiction stories, which many I reverted to draft. After wading through the quagmire of publishing, editors and other things that make gaining any recognition as an author almost impossible, I decided to start another blog to concentrate on just that.

  3. So glad I'm finally going to be able to say I know someone famous! I'm going to get business cards made.... 'I knew him when."
    Much bravo!!

    1. From you, that's a heartwarming comment.

      There are millions that write. It's our destiny, but only a few are ever recognized for the thoughts that manage to make it to the masses. That's why it's such a compliment from you, since I know your writing talent can only be described as magnificent.