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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weather, Aches, Pain and Whatever

Weather affects me; especially in the colder months. Old aches and pains return, I find the less amount of light makes me sleepy really early, and I find myself in a type of stupor that demands rest.

Some might think I'm full of crap, but with the approach of wet, and colder weather, I can feel the change. The best solution is a light amount of alcohol, a nourishing bowl of soup, a hot bath, and a good night of slumber.

After the soak, the heat goes to the bone, and the covers of my bed are like a cocoon. I'll sleep well and awake full of energy.


  1. Joe insisted that moving to Florida would help with the depression I would get every winter. He said it was due to the five winter months we'd have every year, being dark, dismal and overcast.

    The sunshine IS different. It doesn't just sit outside. It enters the house and spreads around. But these past three days have had mornings in the 40's and every bone in my body is hurting. I don't know how I'd handle dark days AND snow now.

    1. In a perfect world, we'd fall asleep in a secure cave, wake up in Spring, and find the weight we put on during the year disappeared.

  2. Nothing better then hot soup and a hot shower. Makes me feel better.

    1. I've never been a big shower fan. I like to recline, and let the too hot water soak me to the bone.