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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Family Stuff

My family has dwindled to just a few. My grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, some cousins and two brothers have passed on. That leaves very little, and the coherent bond is now shattered forever.

I don't know about those that visit. I have glimpses into their lives, but it's not the day to day stuff that gives an accurate assessment. For those that have family, the next few weeks are what brings families together, and gives the hope there will be someone to share the quiet moments of the holidays. It passes in a fleeting moment; and you don't know what you lost, until it's gone.


  1. Although most of the family I grew up with is no longer with us, I am most grateful to have the remainder of my family close, for the most part, and that my children have instilled in their children the importance of family.

    1. Time, and distance, dilute families. For those that share most of their time long distance, modern communications keep them close enough to keep the bonds strong.

  2. I have a son in Japan serving with honor, a son in prison and a son who lives local, is married and like most husbands (like my brother) spends the holidays with his wife's family (which I understand).
    So church family invited us for thanksgiving and made us feel at home.

    1. I spent Thanksgiving with friends. They treated me like family, which I consider an honor.