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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Circadian Madness

They steal an hour from me every Spring. They call it "Daylight Savings Time"; I call it bullshit.

In my line of work, the light of the day determines the working hours, so the crap about saving energy means nothing. Tools are loaded, equipment is prepared in darkness, but the starting time doesn't change; it starts earlier, if they stole an hour from you.

So, tomorrow I get it back. I'll get an extra hour of sleep, and I'll continue to despise those that are willing to make others suffer, so they can watch their kids play soccer in the evening. Daylight Savings is crap, those that think it's a good idea are full of crap, and only the likes of Jimmy Carter can find anything useful about changing the clocks, instead of changing the time of awakening.

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  1. I can see your point. I sort of like it, but I am not working in the dark. There are some places that refuse to recognize DST. There is one guy in the Midwest who refuses to play along even with the time zones, an old farmer, I think.

    An elderly lady once said that the extra sunlight was burning up her tomatoes.