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Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Call it Terrorism

The events after the grand jury announcement in Ferguson can only be described as terrorism. The people that live there, the business owners, and the decent people that live in surrounding communities were terrorized by organized groups that wanted to instill terror, destroy property, and harm anyone they felt deserved to be brutalized. There was no demand for reason, or a peaceful protest of the decision; there was only a brutal effort to cause mayhem and destroy the peace of those that once lived in a normal community.

Who's responsible? The media, supposed leaders such as Al Sharpton, Michael Brown's father, who called for burning the city down, and Barack Obama. They all could have called for the crowds to disperse, demanded an end to the violence, and accepted all the evidence that pointed to an out of control, violent thug assaulting a police officer that was killed before he could continue his rampage.

It's obvious the media is out of control. It's, also, obvious the President of the United States isn't willing to throw his political agenda aside. The likes of Sharpton need not explanation; they're bottom feeders on society. So, what's the solution? I don't know, but the continuing threat of violence towards peaceful citizens has led to a tremendous amount of gun sales. It's obvious people fear civil unrest, and don't trust their government to protect them, as defined in the Constitution. Future protesters may find they're unwelcome and considered a threat. Since they're in unfamiliar territory, and they're outnumbered, their ventures into terrorism may end in a manner they didn't expect.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ed. I had a wonderful time with some friends.

  2. They try that shi'ite anywhere but their own cesspools, they will find out why the rest of us are such staunch defenders of the 2nd Amendment.

    Princess Obola has shown her stripes, over and over, by siding with the hood rats and not the police officers who are sworn to protect the citizenry. He's more interested in pushing his Marxist/Alinskyite agenda than carrying out his constitutionally-sworn duties. History will remember him as a traitor to freedom.

    1. Obama is a terrible failure as President. He failed to accept integrity for the nation is more important than the ideology of failure.

  3. Being a hood rat himself, he is only doing what he knows best. His feelings are wit the brothers, don't ya know. Hoodlums protect their own.

    1. Way before Obama was President, I realized his words were of false promises, outright lies and was a little surprised so many U.S. citizens were gullible enough to believe he offered anything.