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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Something I Noticed While Voting

I voted early. I had the time on Thursday evening, slipped away from work a little early, and went to cast my ballot.

What I really liked was being asked for identification. That's the law in Texas, and mail in ballots are limited to certain people. I even told the election workers I wished they had a bottle of ink, and everyone should be required to dip their finger after voting. They smiled, and didn't say a word. I have the feeling they walk on eggshells, due to rules.

One thing I noticed, and it pissed me off, was the "Spanish" option on the screen. That sucks. If you can't read English, you don't need to vote. That should be removed, and anyone asking for such a thing should be escorted from the voting site.

"Oh!. That's racist!"

"Nope. That's common sense."


  1. Totally agree. I am to the point that if someone says to me....that's racist....I just say SO WHAT?. That usually shuts them up. If you can't or wont speak English....go back where you came from. So there!

    1. Personally, I find it racist to believe learning the English language is so difficult, some races can't accomplish the task.

  2. I could be totally wrong here, but I *thought* that in order to vote one had to be a citizen. In order to be a citizen, if you weren't born here, you had to take a naturalization class taught in English wherein you had to take a test written in English and do other things all in English. So, if you can take a naturalization test and pass, theoretically you should be able to vote in English.

    I suppose though that doesn't account for all the illegals that the current administration wants to freely extend citizenship to who have their kids here and raise them only speaking their native language. But that's another gripe.

    1. Why stop at Spanish? How about French, German, Japanese, Chinese....the list goes on forever.