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Monday, November 3, 2014

Musings About Tomorrow's Election

After tomorrow, most of the radio and television ads should end. Of course, if there's a runoff, the mud will turn to feces and the non-human primates we call political advisers will be flinging poop two handfuls at a time.

Meanwhile, if the predictions of political whores  pollsters is correct, there is the possibility the Senate will be controlled by Republicans, which will be better than the Harry Reid controlled Senate; but considering the wussy attitude, strong dislike of conservatives by the entrenched politicians, and the lack of intestinal fortitude by the supposed champions of liberty, it's looking more like they'll gnash their teeth, offer platitudes, and cower in the corners of Washington.

Things won't change in the nation's capitol, until the industry of politics is brought to its knees, banished from doing business, and those that are willing to sacrifice honor for wealth, and power, are punished for their transgressions against the liberty of those that pay their salaries.

Me? I'm tired of the obvious disrespect for those that earn the money they take, waste, and foolishly use to buy votes. Much of the hard-earned money they skim from the top was made in brutal conditions; with blood, sweat, and sometimes tears, to be washed from my weary body at the end of a hard day of labor. I've worked with flu, bent over from back spasms, limping from a sprained ankle, so weary thinking was compromised, and went home knowing the next day would bring more misery. It wasn't a pleasant thought, but I chose the life I've lead, and frivolously thinking their actions are ignored is folly on their part. I produced, while others rode. That's not right, and it can't last forever.

I'm one of many that turn the nuts and bolts that keep this nation together; and I'm not alone in my anger. Things change, the pendulum swings both ways, and the pendulum never swings lightly.

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