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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Three members of my family were veterans. Due to fate, they all died either from an illness, or tragically.

So, I'm guessing some of you might be thinking where this is going. It doesn't go much further, since the only thing I want to write about is that every veteran has, or had, a family. Someone loves, or loved them, and spent anxious moments waiting for them to return home, or grieved when they died. They traded low pay, crappy conditions, the loss of freedom, and most did so willingly. Even those drafted served honorably as a whole.

Never forget every veteran is changed by their service. Some of the changes are good, but many are not. All changes were for something too many ignore, or understand, which is liberty. Liberty is never arrived at by chance. It only happens when some members of society actively participate in preventing the evils of tyranny from becoming strong. Those people are our veterans. Honor them; they deserve much more than we give.


  1. Veterans deserve to be honored for their service and sacrifices... unless there are illegal aliens participating in an "immigration rally" at the Washington Mall. Then the veterans should be corralled and barricaded.

  2. People often forget the effects war has on veterans, it is with them for life afterwards, and not enough is done by half to help them and their families, or at least this is certainly the case in the UK.