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Monday, August 7, 2017

Inflation and Not Paying Attention

Inflation, since 2008, requires you to spend 13 cents more for each dollar to buy the same thing you could buy for a dollar. If that doesn't affect your thoughts of the government, nothing will. It's like adding water to milk, except most people would raise hell, if they found out the milk they bought was 13 percent of added water.


  1. On the upside, I'm earning 13% more than I did then!

    1. I'm not. Not only has inflation eaten away at my income, higher medical insurance costs are beyond what anyone should be expected to pay.

      Congress needs to realize it's beyond political discussion. It's reached the point it's about survival, and those most affected are not willing to lose that battle.

    2. i'm sorry if what I was hoping would be humorous (at my own expense) was insensitive.
      Many people don't get cost of living or are on fixed incomes and do suffer greatly due to inflation.
      I trust I will be in that boat in a few years.

    3. I wasn't offended and realized your humor.

      The last administration, and Congress, were ruthless in their quest of continuing power. A less polite society would have tarred and feathered at least two or three dozen of the scoundrels.

  2. I am on a fixed income, but since 2008 I rarely spend full price on anything and get most things at 50% of the full price. Yes, it hurts me. However, I have to spend 400% more for milk because I am allergic to mammal products. I buy a2milk so I do not have distress that puts me in the bathroom for five or six hours per day. Still, I spend 50% less on my total food costs now. Other people can do the same thing--only buy food when it is on sale. I eat the fruits and vegetables that are on sale each week! It works.