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Thursday, August 24, 2017

It's Umbrella Time

Forecaster are calling for a 10 to 20 inch rain potential over the next three days. That's more than any drainage structure is designed to handle, and the major flooding may soon be a possibility.

We've had some tropical systems over the years. Hurricanes were the worst, but even some weak systems stalled, or meandered, for days; and the result was widespread flooding.

I'm watching this one, and hoping the electricity stays on.


  1. Hope the worst of it misses you and yours. Stay safe.

  2. We have all kinds of snow storms, etc up here. but the worst damage we ever had was from a hurricane that moved up out of the Gulf. Two weeks before my part of the county got power back.

    I hope you don't take a lot of damage.

  3. stay safe and update soon or i'm sending a canoe for ya.

  4. I'm over 60 miles East of Houston, so the hurricane winds will not be a problem. The big problem will be if it follows the forecast track, and we end up with over 15 inches of rain.