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Monday, August 21, 2017

Somebody was Sleeping?

Modern U.S. destroyers are marvels of technology, high speeds, and maneuverability....unless it's around large, lumbering cargo ships, or tankers. For some reason, they just can't avoid being broadsided by these large ships. 

Maybe it's like rabbits staring at dim headlamps and becoming mesmerized. I don't know, but whatever the reason, too many sailors are dying. 


  1. It's looking bad.

    1. I think the Navy is about to change their ways; regardless of what the politically correct think.

  2. spoofed gps. once is accident, four times is enemy action. they also jammed our defense system on those same ships last month. the navy is covering up our vulnerability. not good.

  3. Or, it's as Jim Curtis (Old NFO) said, it's the logical result of 8 years of neglect of maintenance and training.
    They lost propulsion.

  4. I'm with rr... acts of war. we will not be told.

  5. In my world, things sometimes don't work. That's why - even with the best radar system made - a human would be looking out for problems; especially in congested waterways. Even with the loss of power, somebody can be warned, and those below have a better chance of surviving.