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Monday, August 14, 2017

So, What Happened?

There was a fiasco in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. Some terribly ignorant, or determined official gave a permit to those that would obviously collect violent dissenters, and then the police stood down. Whatever the motivation, the decision led to what anyone else would call a train wreck about to happen.

One was killed, when a young man drove into a crowd of people There are no facts stating his motivation, and the new narrative by the media is he was a conservative Republican with an agenda.

So, what happened? An official was either directed, or decided to give a group of radical individuals the opportunity to create mayhem, and injure innocent people. With an obvious directive for the police to stand down, only the worse could happen.

Personally, I believe it was an orchestrated event, with those that realize huge profits from hedge funds right in the middle. They have huge resource, can buy any corrupt official, and the media is too stupid to realize they're puppets for those they constantly decry as evil.

Is there a solution? Yes, stop watching any of the alphabet networks, including your favorite crappy sitcom, and start educating those you know about how they're nothing but pawns in the effort to create havoc for money, and power.


  1. wow, you're the first to see it for what it was. the gov, terry mac, was hillary's number one bag man until she dumped him for the foundation. he gave the stand down order. the c'ville mayor is a wannabe civil rights guy, so the two conspired to give a butt kicking to the honkies after last months kkk rally made them look bad. the two worked the black church tour all weekend to fire up the base for the elitist ralph northam running for governor this fall. its disgusting. sadly the law of unintended consequences is constantly in play. this won't end well.

    1. The alphabet networks are the leading propagandists for the Progressive powers. The only way to cripple their ability is for anyone with more sense than a garden vegetable to stop watching their broadcasts and let the free market destroy their ability to influence politics.