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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

It Was a Surprise

 This morning, it was like yesterday morning. Hot, humid and uncomfortable. It was another day to plan the day by staying out of the afternoon heat. Yesterday, the heat index was 120 and it felt it. It was miserable, and to add insult to injury, when if finally cooled in the evening, the gnats chased me in within minutes. They were swarming, and regardless of repellent, they still would fly in my eyes, into my ears, and up my nose 

The gnats were still bad this morning, but the forecasters hinted we might get some rain. They were right, except the rain was part of a severe thunderstorm complex from the north. The worst went around us, but the winds was still gusting to what I determined was around 50 mph, which tore small branches from trees. 

I'm thinking the gnats will be gone for awhile. That kind of wind, with torrential rain, wipes them out, which is good. I'll count the weather as a blessing, and enjoy the porch during what will be a cool evening.


  1. Good luck with that. the gnats may go, but the skeeters remain!!!

    1. For some reason, the bites from the gnats raise larger whelps and itch much longer. I'll take mosquitoes any day over gnats.

  2. I've never found anything effective as a gnat repellent that's similar to mosquito repellent, like "Off".

    1. I've found "Off" to be the best, but entertaining making some homemade with natural substances. I have enough problems with skin cancer and don't want to find out manufactured repellents are a cause.

  3. Replies
    1. That it does. I have a feeling that's why my grandfather would have a cigar, when he was working in his garden.