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Monday, September 19, 2011

An Evening at the Skywalkers

"Luke. I am your father"
"Yeah dad, but it's all holds barred when it comes to pool"
"Luke, I'm still a little upset about the DNA test"
"I know you are, Dad, but how was I supposed to know you're my father? After all, it really wasn't the typical dad and son outing when you sliced my hand off"
"I'm sorry, Luke. I guess I was a little upset when you called me "bacon face"
"Another thing, Dad: what's the deal with the new nickname of "Stubby?"
"Sorry, Luke. I was just trying to make up for all our lost time together."
"Well, maybe we should just change the subject. How about a bucket of chicken?"
"Good idea son. KFC has a special. I'll flip you for original or extra crispy"
"No way Dad. I'm not falling for that Jedi crap again. Anyway, it's my turn so it's extra crispy. One other thing, Dad. This time we go through the drive-through. I don't have another thousand for bail and your attorney still hasn't found out how to get your light saber back."
"Okay, son.....pull my finger"
"Jeez, Dad. After the way you polished off those pickled eggs, I don't think I want "the force" to be with me. You ride in the back....with the windows down.."

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