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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


... emotions could be placed in the kitchen for viewing and our use, would it be different in how we handle our reactions?

Anger:  A big box of frustration, could be placed on the shelf for small amounts at special occasions, like cinnamon on eggnog. A little for spice, but too much and it overpowers.

Sadness: another big box, could be placed in a lower cabinet for the times when we have to bring back a happy memory. Season it with a little sadness for the acceptance of our losses. Garnish the loss of a loved one. Never place too much or it will destroy the memory.

Fear: a small box of poison. Never to be used and only a reminder that we are weak if we succumb to fear.

Happiness: A pot almost overflowing and always on the stove. A soup of joy which is always added to for all occasions. The broth of our soul and the source of our strength.

Love: the bread of our existence. Without this staple, we perish in loneliness.

Hope: like salt, the flavor of life is bland without it. Truly the secret to health.

In the last few days, I learned how short life can be for those we love. Treasure your moments and never allow the emotions that destroy into your life. Have patience; allow your love to guide and never allow it to smother. The most special moments in time are right now. Enjoy them for whatever they bring.

*I wrote that  a few years ago, after my younger brother was killed in a motorcycle accident. I was thinking an older brother that died of heat stroke in June and had to reference this again. Sometimes, there's not a lot to go on, so you take what you can.

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